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Bishop M.B. Jefferson

Bishop M. B. Jefferson's life calling is documented by his dramatic testimony about his encounter with God. He is following the steps ordered by God. His pastor’s heart gave birth to the foundation for the “Deeper Life” ministry. This pivotal transformation led Bishop Jefferson beyond traditional religious thoughts and into the “holiness” of God. Bishop Jefferson has sought after God and discovered the path of deliverance from sin. The key is to teach and preach only the word of God, making it plain.


Under God’s direction, Bishop Jefferson came to Tampa, Florida, where he established Deeper Life Christian Church and the House of David Help Centers of America. He was called to minister, pulling those from the streets where he once existed, leading them to a righteous life on earth and eternal life in Christ.

Dr. Brenda Jefferson

Dr. Brenda Jefferson has been through various trials and tribulations in her lifetime, giving her a foundation to help women both inside and outside of the church.  She is one dynamic example of God's amazing power in a person's life. Dr. Brenda is an anointed pastor, delivering the word of God in spirit and truth.

Under her husband's leadership, Dr. Brenda skillfully uses the quick and powerful words of the Bible relating them to her life experiences just as a surgeon would use a scalpel to effectively cut to the root of a problem.

Dr. Brenda has ministered healing to so many.  Through the Daughters of Abraham, she motivates women to seek their very own personal relationship with Christ. She encourages them to use their gifts and talents to protect and provide for the church and its various ministries.

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