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Bishop M.B. Jefferson

Bishop M.B. Jefferson is an innovative leader and an instrumental asset to the Body of Christ. With his fiery testimony and prophetic gifting, he has influenced a worldwide awakening to the truth. Through messages of holiness, Bishop Jefferson impacts the lives of thousands of individuals across the globe… calling for a ‘change.’ Through Scripture-based teachings, he uniquely points believers and non-believers alike towards the cross; teaching love, judgment, kindness and the detrimental effects of addiction and sin.


As Founder of MB Jefferson Ministries, Deeper Life Christian Church, The House of David Help Center, and as Presiding Prelate of World Assemblies Fellowship International; Bishop Jefferson is truly reaching out to the masses and helping to change lives. His wife and co-founder of these ministries, Dr. Brenda Jefferson, is a beacon of inspiration for followers of Jesus Christ and stands by his side, in his ministry work. Their humble efforts and commitment to those in need have been pivotal in the lives of families, women, men and children struggling for a transformation and a spiritual lifestyle change.






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His Testimony
Bishop Jefferson endured numerous hardships, growing up in an impoverished household in Dallas, Texas. The hard-knock streets became an escape from a frenzied household and an abusive father. At the age of 25, he was rushed to the hospital after suffering a serious reaction to penicillin. Unable to revive him, the emergency room physicians pronounced him dead. In these vague moments, Bishop could hear the voice of the hospital staff in the room but greater than them; he heard the voice of the Lord speaking to him. God took him on a journey to the gates of hell, where he saw people wailing and screaming in the lake of fire. It was clear through his journey that this was the destination for his life- if he did not change. Bishop, with great remorse for his actions, told the Lord the truth and through grace was given another opportunity at life. This pivotal experience was life-changing and led to a complete transformation in Bishop Jefferson’s future pursuits and perspective.


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